Writing Task 1:Summarize written text

Read the following information.

Transportation - PTE Writing Summary - PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answer

Transport accounts for about a quarter of greenhouse-gas emissions, and road transport makes up more than 70% of that amount. Ethanol is a clean, high-performance renewable fuel that works in most of today’s cars and certain trucks. Its use boosts engine efficiency, helps reduce harmful emissions and pollutants and fights climate change. Ethanol will also drive the more efficient internal-combustion and hybrid engines that will make up a large percentage of the world’s vehicle fleet in the decades to come. It does not require investing in new infrastructure in order to deliver results. The carbon dioxide released by a vehicle when ethanol is burned is offset by the carbon dioxide captured when the feedstock crops are grown to produce ethanol. This differs from gasoline and diesel, which are refined from petroleum extracted from the earth.

Transport results in a great amount of greenhouse-gas emissions, therefore use of ethanol which is a clean, high-performance renewable fuel has increased and will keep on increasing in future as it does not require any new infrastructure.