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You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop a position, organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200-300 words. Museums and art galleries should concentrate on local works rather than showing the cultures or artworks from other countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Utilized by practically all nations over the millennia, museums and art shows have long been in the forefront of preserving and representing cultural values and traditions. However, there is debate about whether they should primarily showcase regional traditions or provide an international collection. Personally, I think that traditional museums should emphasize highlighting the nation's cultural heritage and artistic creations, however having separate museums with objects from other nations does not detract from the sense of nationalism. The main purpose of museums is to teach people about the history and customs of a particular nation. They preserve significant cultural relics, artifacts, works of art, and other items to celebrate our past and aid historians in learning more about it. Instead of featuring internationally renowned paintings or sculptures, these museums, which largely represent our tradition, should feature things of which we may be proud as a country. For instance, several national museums in Europe are very well-liked by foreign visitors and only concentrate on preserving artifacts and works of literature from the nation. Having said that, there has been a significant shift in the definition of a museum in the modern era. There are now museums dedicated to everything from aviation to combat, cars to computers to archaeology, and the list goes on. International collections are necessary to make these types of museums popular and valuable. For example, the Motor Museum in Australia has a collection from more than 20 nations, and they are perfectly enough for their intended usage. Tourists frequently visit museums with an international collection, which is a fantastic method to encourage travel. To sum up, national and traditional museums should place a strong emphasis on preserving national history and legacy, but we also need museums with diverse international collections to increase their usefulness and notoriety. The value and necessity of the other are not necessarily lessened by the one.