Listening Part 7: Multiple-choice:single

PTE Listening Part 7- Sample 8: Multiple Choice Question Single Answer

Ground movement control is accountable for the areas of movement along with those which are not accessible to the airlines or users other than that. Intersections where aircraft arrive, the departure and runway (both active and inactive) gates, holding areas, and taxiways are the general areas where the ground control staff operates, although which areas are exactly to be taken care of are also mentioned in the job agreements and documents of the respective airports. The ATC has the authority to issue instructions to the ground control staff for the smooth operation of the airport as it is a matter of efficiency and safety of the airport. What does the speaker imply? Ground movement control is not important Intersections are important as that is where aircrafts arrive The responsibilities of ground control staff are lucid The ATC has supreme authority Answer: The responsibilities of ground control staff are lucid

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