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PTE Listening Part 7- Sample 5: Multiple Choice Question Single Answer

It is not surprising to know that this disease is a notorious one as it has a subtle onset in the patients with only a few symptoms which characterize its presence. The most recurring indicators which are found in the cross-section of a patient include fever, swelling in the affected area, and unease in transitioning to a sitting position from a standing one. Also the persistent back pain experienced and recurring muscle spasms become so debilitating that the patient helplessly has to confine to a sedentary state and even the slightest movement or jolting of the body leads to excruciating pain. In children, the pain extends and is also supported by the presence of high-grade increased body temperature and an escalated amount of leukocyte in the body. What is the speaker talking about? The onsetting indicators of a disease Reasons of backache in adults Causes of paralysis Excruciating pain in children Answer: The onsetting indicators of a disease

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