Listening Part 7: Multiple-choice:single

PTE Listening Part 7- Sample 7: Multiple Choice Question Single Answer

Each strand of DNA contains the same biological information which gets replicated when the strands separate. More than 98% of the DNA in humans is non-coding which means that it does not provide patterns for the sequencing of protein. And both the strands in DNA are also antiparallel as they run in directions opposite to each other and are attached with nucleobases. The genetic information is encoded by the sequence of these nucleobases. DNA strands create the strands of RNA as a template in a process which is known as transcription, and when the RNA strands specify amino acids’ sequence under the genetic code then it is referred to as translation. DNA is also organized into long structures known as chromosomes which before the division of a cell are duplicated in the procedure of DNA replication in order to provide chromosomes to the daughter cell. Where in the DNA is the genetic information recorded? Nucleobases Transcription Translation Chromosomes Answer: Nucleobases

You must stay focused and concentrate fully until the last question has been answered.