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PTE Listening Part 7- Sample 2: Multiple Choice Question Single Answer

Every chapter of The Jewel House charts the activities of a particular community. Harkness leads us through the streets of London, showing us, neighborhood by neighborhood, where the major forms of natural knowledge found homes. For example, apothecaries settled in Lime Street, in what is now the City, where they created a dense network of shops and gardens. Clockmakers, both native craftsmen and many from overseas, clustered in several parishes near St Paul’s Cathedral. The once wealthy merchant, Clement Draper, even managed to transform the King’s Bench prison in Southwark, where he served time as a debtor, into a center of research and discussion. By the end of the book Harkness has mapped London’s scientific communities with astonishing precision. What is the aim of the speaker? - To tell how big the cathedral is - To inform listeners about the Jewel House - To let know how rich Clement Draper was - To introduce us with Harkness’ writing style Answer: To introduce us with Harkness’ writing style

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