Listening Part 7: Multiple-choice:single

PTE Listening Part 7- Sample 3: Multiple Choice Question Single Answer

The physicists have challenged proposals to set a maximum capacity for vehicles on highways. They argue that it may not be enough simply to limit the rate at which vehicles are allowed to enter a highway, rather, it may be necessary to time each vehicle’s entry onto a highway precisely to coincide with a temporary drop in the density of vehicles along the road. The aim of doing this would be to smooth out any possible fluctuations in the road conditions that can trigger a change in traffic behavior and result in congestion. They further suggest that preventing breakdowns in the flow of traffic could ultimately require implementing the radical idea that has been suggested from time to time: directly regulating the speed and spacing of individual cars along a highway with central computers and sensors that communicate with each car’s engine and brake controls. What is required to prevent breakdown in the flow of traffic? Timing each vehicle’s entry onto a highway Temporarily drop density of vehicles Directly regulating the speed/spacing of vehicles Smooth out possible fluctuations Answer: Directly regulating the speed/spacing of vehicles

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