Listening Part 7: Multiple-choice:single

PTE Listening Part 7- Sample 4: Multiple Choice Question Single Answer

Dragonflies have also been part of human culture since time immemorial and have been depicted on several artifacts like Art Nouveau jewelry, pottery, statues, and rock paintings. The praise of their beauty and agility can be found in several literary works such as in a poetry by Lord Tennyson and in a prose by H. E. Bates. However, not all traditions consider the dragonflies to be the same as they are believed to be sinister in the European culture. Japan, on the other hand, considers them to be a symbol of happiness, courage, and strength where they are also used in making traditional medicines as in China, and consumed as food by Indonesians. Which of the following is not true according to the speaker? Human culture also consists of dragonflies Dragonflies are worshipped in European culture Several artifacts have been created in praise of dragonflies Dragonflies are used in medicines Answer: Dragonflies are worshipped in European culture

You must stay focused and concentrate fully until the last question has been answered.